The Reading Club is a great way to encourage your child’s reading fluency. This year, we've changed the Club format somewhat to make it easier for everyone to keep track of their reading and to report it to us. Read on to find out what's new, what's staying the same, and how your child can participate!

Joining the Club

The Reading Club is open to all students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. To join, simply start tracking your child’s reading on the Reading Club 20 reading log sheet. On the log, record the date, the name of the book your child read, and your initials. You can fill in one line for every day your child reads at least 15 minutes. Of course, we are delighted if your child wants to read for more than 15 minutes but please only fill in one line per day. Except...

Bonus Reading Days

The second Saturday of every month is a Bonus Reading Day. On Bonus Reading Days, you can fill out one line of the reading log for every 15-minute block your child reads. For example, if your child reads for an hour on a Bonus Reading Day, you can fill in four lines. This is a great way to build up those reading numbers. You can find what days are Bonus Reading Days on the school website calendar and they will be announced in the WAAG too.

*NEW* Reporting Progress

We are doing paperless reporting this year. When your child has completed the 20 Reading Log, scan or photograph it and email it to Mrs MacDougall at [email protected]. Please DO NOT submit the log sheet to your teacher, the office or the library. Keep the original copy at home for your records.

Reading Log Sheets

All reading log sheets are now available online for you to print at home! No more reminding your child to get a new daily reading log from the teacher. No digging through backpacks and desks or hunting for lost pages. You'll find each reading log you'll need listed in the Downloads section below.


Our goal is for Reading Club members to record 200 15-minute reading blocks. Students who reach that milestone will receive an award at the last K-7 assembly of the year. Keen readers can attempt to join our 300 Club, recording at least 300 reading blocks during the school year. 300 Club members are honoured at the annual Academy Awards ceremony in June.

Reading is the key to literacy. The Reading Club is not mandatory but we encourage every child to participate. Any extra time spent reading at home is felt in the classroom and is greatly appreciated.