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Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to our missions fundraising efforts. Thanks to you, we are so close to our goal! Your generosity has encouraged us as we prepare for this life-changing trip. Over the next few weeks, there are two more opportunities to participate:

Chores for Change Challenge 
It's a boys versus girls challenge that runs for the month of April. Anyone can make a donation, but if kids are a bit short of cash, we encourage them to do some extra chores around the house to earn some change! Put your change into one of the buckets in the lobby of the school. Each Wednesday we will weigh the buckets to see who is ahead. Who will win bragging rights? We'll see on May 1 when we do a final weigh and a final count! 

Bottle Drive Continues...With a Twist!
We have recently set up an account at Courtenay Return-It. This means that if you still want to drop off your bottles at the school for us to recycle, that's fine. However, if you want to do your own drop-off, we will provide the bags and labels for our account. There's no need to sort through your bottles and cans. Just stick them all in a clear or blue plastic bag, slap a label on, and drop off your bag at the location in Courtenay (Puntledge Road) or at the drop-off bin in Comox (near John's Independent Store). We can now get money for milk jugs and cartons, so throw those in as well! No cream containers, please. If you are bagging your own bottles and cans, do not put more than 12 bottles in a bag and make sure these are cushioned by other cans. If you would like us to send labels home with your child, please email Mrs Tansky.