Tanzania 2024

Watch our 2024 Student Missions Trip to Tanzania video and witness our students' transformative impact on communities, guided by our commitment to serve in Jesus' name. Be inspired and become part of something greater.


Missions are a vital part of the school life of Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy. Through missions, students learn to see the world through the eyes of the God who created it all and what their role can be. They experience new opportunities, gain new faith, and are transformed as a result.

All our students are part of missions, in some way or another, here at Gaglardi Academy. Through bake sales, contests and other fundraisers, our students, K-12, contribute to the main missions trip to Tanzania that each graduating student has the opportunity to participate in. And K-11s are more than happy to make these contributions because they know that one day, they too will have the same opportunity. They work now to support the dream that they will one day achieve. And that's a good thing.

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