UPDATE (Oct 2020): This year, due to COVID-19, our Grade 12 students will not be travelling to Tanzania but, instead, will be raising funds to send over with Daniel Kooman of Juma's World to bless and continue our relationship with the children and community there. Since Tanzania is not the destination of the missions team this year, our students and staff are actively looking for ministry opportunities within our province of British Columbia. We'll see where God takes them.


Every year, our Grade 12 class partners with Juma’s World in Tanzania whose purpose is to transform the lives of children, so that the children of Tanzania may become a generation of leaders who will positively impact their country and their world.

Some of the ways that Juma’s World assists with this are through establishing homes for orphaned children, providing education, setting up microloans for students once they have completed their education, and helping with practical projects such as digging wells and establishing sponsorship programs to bring the necessities of life to children who desperately need it. Above all these things, Juma’s World seeks to build relationships – with local community leaders to assist them in making these things happen, and with the people themselves, particularly children, who need love and compassion to empower them to dream of a future that is hopeful.

Check out the videos below and see how these mission trips have transformed the lives of our graduating students. Stay tuned as we plan on uploading more soon!

2015: Year Two

2014: Year One

 2014: Child Sponsorship