Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy

The role of the Homestay Coordinator involves locating, selecting and orienting host families before the international students’ arrival, and monitoring homestay placements and supporting students and families during students’stay in the Comox Valley.

Much of the time spent to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Homestay Coordinator will be outside regular school hours and may include time on the weekends or evenings.

The Homestay Coordinator will report to the School Director.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruitment and screening of prospective host families. Christian families will take priority in the host-family selection process.
  • Schedule host parent interviews and home inspections.
  • Ensure necessary criminal record checks are valid.
  • Provide orientation and training to host families.
  • Match students with appropriate host families.
  • Once a placement is made, share medical information & health concerns with host family.
  • Provide collaborative support to students and host families as problems arise.
  • Maintain published standards and procedures relating to homestay, including procedures for the dismissal of host families in warranted cases and procedures for transferring students to a different host family.
  • Maintain published fee information to host families including
    • payment of fees to whom and when;
    • per diem and monthly homestay fees;
    • services included in fees;
    • additional fees for airport pick-up or drop-off;
    • refund policy.

Home Visitations Inspections

Twice per year, the Homestay Coordinator is to schedule a home visit with the host family and student.

International Homestay Coordinator Role approved October 7, 2015