Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy


The role of a volunteer playground supervisor is to support the supervisory staff on the playground. Volunteers need to be familiar with protocols in order to be effective in supporting staff.

Please actively supervise! You have taken on a role of authority and the children are aware that you are there to help keep them safe.

A common understanding for Volunteers:

  • Supervisors must wear a safety vest so that the children can quickly identify you on the playground when they need help.
  • All children with medical needs must be taken to the office.
  • There are separate areas for children to play. (see chart of grounds).
  • Gaglardi Academy uses the WITS program so please familiarize yourself with the acronym and encourage the children to use this format when resolving conflicts.
  • When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  • Be familiar with the out-of-bounds areas. (see chart)
  • When children need a “time-out” after repeated warnings, please bring them to the office bench to sit out for a time. Remember they are there!
  • All “incidents” of a more serious nature requires a “green incident sheet”. Please seek help from a staff member on duty.
  • Please report any playground safety concerns to the office – needles, glass, play structure unsafe or broken etc.
  • There is a schedule for use of common areas among the various age-groups.
  • All children are required to be outside and not in the building. Children go to the washroom before play, and can take water bottles outside.
  • External doors should be closed at all times.

Kindergarten to Grade 3

  • Hands-to-self policy – no aggressive touching, tagging or climbing on each other.
  • No throwing of sticks etc. Only equipment meant to be thrown is allowed.
  • K-3 children are NOT ALLOWED in the forest.
  • Ensure that play is safe. Teasing, swearing, pushing, shoving, and fighting are strictly forbidden.
  • Trees in front of the school are not to be climbed or pulled on.
  • No pushing children off the play structures.

Grades 4-7

  • Forest: sticks can be used for constructive building-type play only. It is forbidden to use them as weapons, for pointing, touching others. If dissension occurs amongst children, send the children from the forest.
  • No aggressive play.
  • Aggressive sports games like tackle football etc are forbidden.
  • No play-fighting, tackling or rough-housing of any kind.
  • Climbing the willow tree is allowed.
  • No pushing children off the play structures.

Volunteer Playground Supervision Guidelines
Updated October 20, 2017