Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy


The school recognises that it is responsible for providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. Further, the school recognises that the use, possession, distribution, or sale of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other similarly hazardous substances, or drug paraphernalia constitutes a hazard to the welfare of students and faculty, and is illegal under the laws of British Columbia. Since 2015, the possession of e-cigarettes is illegal under 19 years of age.

Policy Statements

Based on current research, the school no longer holds the view that zero-tolerance programs are effective in helping children be safe at school. Education and prevention programs for tobacco, alcohol, drug use and abuse, are more effective when students are provided with the opportunity to build social skills, enhance self-concepts, and are provided relevant information on the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs use. Prevention curricula can assist students with the necessary skills needed for decision-making toward a more healthy lifestyle, including the prevention of misuse and abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs are used.

The school supports programs that coordinate the cooperation between school and parents in an attempt to prevent problems of drug abuse and supports programs that assist parents in seeking outside professional help from public or private educational and rehabilitative programs. Only as a last resort and with consultation with parents, will expulsion be considered.

Banned or illegal substances on school property

Gaglardi Academy prohibits any unauthorised student use, possession, sale or distribution of the following banned or illegal substances

  • alcohol or other controlled substances.
  • imitation controlled substances.
  • harmful substances.
  • drug paraphernalia.
  • Tobacco
  • E-Cigarettes
  • All vaping devices and vaping paraphernalia.

These substances, paraphernalia or actions are prohibited in the school building, on any other property owned or operated by the Gaglardi Academy, at any school-sponsored activity, sports activities on or off-campus, or at any time while wearing the Gaglardi School uniform. These prohibitions apply whether or not the actions occur during regular school hours or extra-curricular activities.

Documentation of incidents, witness statements, and parent involvement and consultation will form the basis of dealing with incidents. If remediation becomes ineffective or the student is unable to come under school authority, expulsion may be considered.

All illegal activity will be reported to the RCMP either through the Safe School Coordinator or the School Director.

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy, Approved October 2014,
Updated April 2015.