Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy

The code of conduct for our school is rooted in the great command of Jesus to love God and love your neighbour (Matthew 22:37-40). Our school is a community. We demonstrate our love for one another in that community by being willing to conduct our lives–through speech and behaviour–in a way that honours God and gives dignity and respect to others.

These are the codes of conduct we hold high for our students:

  1. Love, respect, and honour God. 
  2. Love, honour and obey teachers and other school authorities.
    • Follow their instructions, address them politely, be courteous, and seek their help in learning.
  3. Love and respect all students (not just the ones you find easy to like).
    • Be kind, helpful, and encourage each other.
    • Be inclusive, considerate, and help students respect the diversity of others regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or belief system. God made us all unique masterpieces, created in His image.
    • Do not judge one another.
    • Never cause anyone harm whether it be emotional with your words or physical with your fists. Don’t fight, bully, harass, or tease each other.
  4. Respect the property of others.
    • Put things back where you found them and don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Hand lost property into the office and take care of the school building, furniture, and grounds. Be neat and tidy.
  5. Respect the truth.
    • Be honest in all situations, never make up lies about others or gossip. Hand in your own school work and do not cheat.
  6. Learn all you can.
    • Make up your mind to pay attention in class and do your work. Join in school activities, do your homework on-time, and develop discipline during your school years.
    • Never miss class without permission and bring the right equipment to each lesson.
  7. Respect purity.
    • Love yourself by keeping your body, mind and spirit healthy.
      • Say NO to vaping, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs, on and off campus.
      • Keep a respectful boundary between yourself and others; this means no holding hands, kissing, fondling, etc.

By signing this Code of Conduct, you acknowledge that you have read these values, discussed them with your child and agree to support and uphold them in conforming to these expectations.


Updated September 16, 2021