Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy is a uniform school. This allows a level playing field for students from all walks of life and also helps to keep a certain level of modesty in our school. Students are then free to express their unique talents and characteristics in areas other than dress and we believe this is a good thing. We hope that you, as parents, will support our uniform decision at home by making sure each uniform piece is clean, in good repair, the proper size, and worn appropriately. Thanks for your support in this!

The school uniform differs depending on the grade level of your child so please view the Uniform Manual below in the Downloads section to find what uniform your child wears and how it is to be worn. Our uniform supplier is Cambridge Uniforms,, (School Code: PCH506) and to purchase uniform pieces for your child, click the Supplier & Ordering Information tab located on the left sidebar.

Please Note:

  • ALL Regular and Formal uniform pieces* must be purchased from Cambridge Uniforms.  
  • Currently, there is no restriction on where parents can purchase white tops, however for inexpensive, white dress shirts we suggest Wal-Mart, and for white polo shirts, Old Navy.
  • The shortest that a skirt or short may be is three-fingers width (sideways) above the knee. Anything higher up is inappropriate for our school setting. 
  • Button-up dress shirts are expected to be tucked-into pants/skirts at all times. Please purchase shirts that are long enough to be tucked in.

*Exceptions are hoodies and Physical Education (PE) uniforms. These must be purchased through the school office. White polo and dress shirts, socks, dress shoes, and non-marking gym shoes may be purchased at the parents’ store of choice.