Arrival/Dismissal Times

  • School doors will open at
    • 8:30 am for all Elementary students; classes begin at 8:40 am.
    • 8:40 am for High School students; classes begin at 8:45 am
  • Classes will be dismissed
    • at 2:45 pm for all K-7 students; they will exit the building from their designated entry door.
    • at 3:00 pm for High School students; they will exit through the main entrance doors.

Arrival/Dismissal Locations

  • Students will arrive and dismiss using various entrances:
    • Kindergarten enters via their own classroom entrance.
    • Grade K/1 and Grade 1/2 enter through the East backdoor.
    • Grade 2/3 and 6/7 enter through the undercovered area.
    • Grade 4/5 split classes will enter through the main entrance.
    • Grade 8-12 will enter through the main entrance. 
  • Late arrivals to school must report to the office after 9 am.