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If you're short volunteer hours, we've got a whole bunch of opportunities for you. See the list below. There's something for everyone! 

  • Parent drivers for field trips (where applicable)
  • Outdoor grounds maintenance
  • Purchase and plant 12 new boxwood shrubs at the front fence
  • Purchase and install two rolls of anti-slip matting on the exterior ramps and steps; approx 200 ft needed - remove and dispose of old matting
  • Remove/dispose of all extra wood from the rear sea can compound
  • Fill 20L pails (pails in the upper sea can) with the pea-gravel and transport to the playground at Little Sprouts Preschool (Bay Community Church)
  • Purchase and install 2 yards of sand for the sandbox at the preschool
  • Rake wood chips at both playgrounds focusing on the swings, supernova and slides to even out the chips
  • Weed the front flower bed & sweep the main sidewalk of wood chips and rocks 
  • Measure, purchase and install a new lid to the garbage can by the basketball court
  • Disassembling the Library in June and reassembling the Library in August
  • Supervision for Track and Field days AND morning and lunch recesses

And remember to log any completed volunteer hours on our Volunteer Hours Tracking form. A handy-dandy link to the online form is below.

Volunteer Hours Tracking form link