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Today was the Math Bee! After the first Bee with the Kinders, I had the pleasure of walking them back to their classrooms and they were so excited and happy. “I loved it!” and “My mom is going to be so proud of me!” were a couple of the enthusiastic comments made. Soooo cute. But I wouldn’t doubt that those sediments rang true for most Math Bee participants. The students came into the chapel with much anticipation, and happy to be able to participate and show their math skills they’ve work so hard on this year.

In the lists below, you'll notice that some of the students of earlier Bees decided to stay and challenge themselves by taking the tests of the older students. There's enthusiasm for you! And they did so well too. 

The tallied scores took into consideration two factors: how much time it took the student to finish and the accuracy of their answers.

And now without further delay, here's the news you've been waiting for! The results and standings of our very first Math Bee:

Gold: Arya Jannat; Silver: Mia Smith; Bronze: Kerrigan Jones
Other participants: Shane van Zanden, Alayna Chan-Small, Caleb Moose

Grade 1
Gold: Graham McCallum; Silver: Lucy Woods; Bronze: Doris Liu
Other participants: Naomi Derksen, Kaitlyn Hiller, Everly Wagstaff, Caleb Moose

Grade 2
Gold: Nick Van Delft; Silver: Preslee Abreu; Bronze: Demi Nguyen
Other participants: Doris Liu, Nathan Kacavenda, Connor Wall, Maisie Wyatt, Graham McCallum, Caleb Moose

Grade 3
Gold: Kylee Holley; Silver: Nora McCallum; Bronze: Mason Cook
Other participants: Preslee Abreu, Nick Van Delft

Grade 4
Gold: David Xiang; Silver: Philip Bago; Bronze: Sophia Lee and Kohen Ayley (tied)
Other participants: Keegan McKague, Jack Woods, Kylee Holley, Preslee Abreu

Grade 5
Gold: Henry Howard; Silver: Isaac George; Bronze: Mayelle Lavertu
Other participants: Macey Leighton, Miguel Clark, Luca Tukker, Kohen Ayley

Grade 6
Gold: Hannah Curtis; Silver: Julia Kanamori; Bronze: Isaac Ayley
Other participants: Ben Hiller, Arri Webster, Henry Howard, Miguel Clark, Kohen Ayley

Grade 7
Gold: Finnegan Cochlan; Silver: Domanic Nguyen; Bronze: Addison Mervyn
Other participants: Dylan Ziggiotti, Julia Kanamori, Micah Farrant, Kailyn Penner, Cohen Huisamen, Henry Howard, Kohen Ayley

Special Mentions go to the following students who all achieved a 100% score:

  • Isaac George, David Xiang, Sophia Lee, Henry Howard, Philip Bago, Graham McCallum, Arya Jannati, Mia Smit, and Kerrigan Jones.

Congratulations, students! We're are so proud of your achievements. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for a job very well done.