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Hi, families and fellow WAAG fans! As mentioned in an email sent yesterday, today is my final day, and this one section is my final contribution to the WAAG, which I've been writing for seven years. Seven years?! Yikes! That's a long time. No wonder I was feeling like I'd been repeating myself lately. 

I feel very privileged to have been part of this school community for 11 years, working and serving alongside some of the most wonderful people. My reason for going is simply that my time at Gaglardi has come to a close, and I'm trying to be faithful to follow where I believe God is leading. And hey, I'm only leaving the school, not moving away, so I might still get to see you from time to time. 

Thanks for reading all my notes, announcements, and pleas for volunteers over the years. I now leave the WAAG in the very capable hands of Mr. Jeff Bobyk, who will continue to keep you "in the loop" on all things school-related. Keep on reading it since, as I've mentioned countless times before, you'll be glad you did! :D

May God bless you richly and in every way.
Mary Johnson