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Elected Positions:

  • PAC President - Kelly Hiller (Trainee - TBD)
  • PAC Vice President - Sandy Robinson
  • Treasurer - Patricia Dol (Trainee - Maylene Ginetz)
  • Secretary - Tara Moose (Trainee - TBD)
  • Director - Nichole Grenier

Non-Elected Positions

  • Hospitality/Events Lead - Chelsea Morrison & Rebecca DeSilva
  • PR and Communications -  Gennelle Holley
  • Used Clothing Sales - Jen Tomlinson

Special thanks to those who faithfully served this past year, for those who attended the meeting last week and to all those parents who volunteer their time and participate in our ongoing fundraising efforts!  We couldn’t do this without you.

Kelly Hiller
PAC President