Hello families! Well, the results are in!  Thank you to everyone who 

responded even those that responded more than once!  Our survey tracks the 

IP addresses, so we had to delete all the duplicates. So, with the "clones" 

removed, we had an overwhelming response rate of 82%.  Well done, everyone! 

The results of the survey will go to the Board for the final decision on 

both Christmas break and the Swim program but they will be pleased to know 

that you had input and expressed your views.  Many of you also wrote 

valuable and insightful comments, and I will share these with the 

Board.Christmas Tally Returning on Jan. 4th - 60% Returning on Jan. 11th - 

40% Swim Program 80% of families value and want the swim program to 

continue; (3 families suggested changes to the grade levels involved) 14% 

of families (likely grade 7-12 parents) said the program was not applicable 

to their family. 6% of families do not value the program and would like to 

see it discontinued. So, of the families where the swim program is 

applicable, an overwhelming 91% of you value the program and want to see it 

continue.Thank you, once again, for participating in the survey.  I think 

this format worked very well so I think we will use an approach like this 

to gauge your thoughts and input in the future!Blessings to all, Bernadette