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Hello families!

The hot lunch online ordering system will be open on April 21 to receive May and June 2022, Hot Lunch orders. The system will be open until April 30 at 4 pm. Please ensure your order is submitted and, if paying with PayPal, paid in full no later than April 30 at 4 pm. If you are paying by cash/cheque, please ensure payment is dropped off at the school office no later than noon on May 3, 2022. 

Please note: There is no hot lunch on May 6 (PD Day) and on May 20 (Victoria Day Long Weekend). 

Also of note: Grade 7s are sailing on the last Friday of the year (June 24). Parents, please communicate with teachers as to whether this means your child will be away from the school for the full day and should refrain from ordering from that menu. 

Here's the link to the website:

Thanks again for supporting PAC! 


PAC Hot Lunch Coordinator