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The cross-country run season is starting! Students in grades 3-7, who wish to participate are welcome. Parents are responsible to drive their children there and home again. Meet at the host schools at 3:10 pm; the runs start at 3:30 pm. Students need to be dressed in P.E. strip and bring a water bottle. If your child wants to participate, please email Mrs Nel ( that week NO LATER THAN TUESDAY MORNING, PLEASE!

This week on Sep. 28, we are at Cumberland. Please note the following notes given by Cumberland School: 

  • Cones will be on the Beaufort Field (Our big building) where teams can gather - do not stand to the side or you will be on the run route
  • Plan to arrive on time run start (3:30)
  • Coach’s meeting – 3:15 pm
  • Run starts 3:30 pm
  • Run order: Grades 5, 4, 2/3 (each running approx. 1.6 km), a short break (approx. 5 min to clear the route) then grades 7, 6 who will run around 2.8 km
  • We have many adults and leadership students who will be marshalling the route / showing the way. Our run trail varies from grassy field, to roads, to wooded paths with exposed routes & rocks.  We are an active construction zone with the new childcare facility being built on the Strathcona site, so we did have to adjust our run route (will be well marshalled)
    Parking realities – Parking is minimal - our bus loop and roadsides by the Perseverance Building (dead end of Ulverston - old med center, small building under repair where our library is) cannot be used for parking so the school buses will still be picking up our students until 3:00 are not obstructed.  Parking is a challenge.  Another suggestion is to use the Strathcona site (old elementary off Egremont – be advised this is the construction zone) or walk up from the Rec Center or use side roads.

See below for the complete schedule for the fall season. 

  • Sept. 28 - Cumberland
  • Oct. 5 - Valley View
  • Oct. 12 - Huband
  • Oct. 19 - Coeur de L'ile
  • Oct. 26 - Brooklyn