If you would like an opportunity to fulfil all your volunteer hours and be part of fostering community at Gaglardi Academy, consider this new position.

Through this new and exciting role, you will be a resource to your child's teacher and the parents connected to your child's classroom. During times while our social opportunities are limited, you could be a welcome point of connection for families new and old in the Gaglardi community.

We would like to introduce a class-parent for each classroom at our next PAC meeting on November 9th. Although it does not replace teachers' valued communications with families, it is designed to enhance and support parents in their efforts to connect. In addition, these classroom parents would be valuable resources to the PAC in collecting information regarding needs/desires arising from the parent community as we attempt to serve you well.

Class Parent Role Description:

  • Keep a current list of phone numbers/email addresses of consenting parents
  • Assist teacher recruitment of classroom volunteers for “literacy centers” and or other needs
  • Assist and be a resource to teachers in organizing drivers
    for field trips
  • Facilitate communication/reminders re: fundraising deadlines, hot lunch orders deadlines
  • Foster community outside of the classroom, eg. Birthdays, park playdates, teacher gifts.
  • Housekeeping duties/communications eg. “Has anyone found____ it in their backpack?”
  • Attend 30% of available PAC mtgs throughout the year to represent parent body (grade-specific)
    interests/ concerns

Incentive: Classroom Parents will automatically be granted the full requirement for volunteer hours for the
school year.

This may be a great opportunity for parents busy during the day who want to get involved with the school on a deeper level and complete their volunteer requirement.

If interested, please contact Kelly Hiller: kmahiller@gmail.com