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Hello, Gaglardi Academy Community!

Due to current government regulations and concern for the safety of our students, we have decided that an in-Canada missions trip is the wisest decision for the grade 12 class this year. Our students are eager to serve, and we are currently looking for missions opportunities where we can contribute meaningfully.

Even though we have not yet found a missions opportunity, we are going ahead with fundraising. Some of the money raised will help the students to pay for costs associated with participating in a mission. However, the students in Missions 12 are committed to being involved in serving the people of Tanzania, even though they will not be able to travel there in person. Ideas have been brought up around the table during our weekly class about how to still contribute meaningfully to the ongoing work of Juma’s World. To that end, part of our fundraising efforts will be to raise money to send supplies or to contribute to a project there. This will allow the school as a whole to continue to be involved in the mission in Tanzania as well as to keep Tanzania in our hearts and prayers. To that end, I have been in contact with Daniel Kooman, who is in contact with Juma’s World in Tanzania, to see what we can do.

In the meantime, we are kicking off our fundraising efforts with "At Your Service". If you need housework or yard work done, our students are happy to help! Please contact me for details:

As we develop our plans - both for involvement in Tanzania and for our Canadian mission - I will keep you updated. Please pray for doors and opportunities to open for us.

Thanks very much,

Joy Tansky
Missions 12 teacher