PAC is working on safely restarting the hot lunch program in October subject to the creation of a COVID-19 compliant hot lunch safety plan approved by the school. In line with the Ministry of Education's guidance, we will only offer for sale food from suppliers who can provide individually packaged hot lunch meals. PAC will send an update once the program is ready to restart.

At the start of each school year, the previous year's hot lunch account information is purged as families come and go and students change grades. As such a new hot lunch account must be set up each year. Parents can set up their hot lunch accounts by following the instructions in the following link:
Click here to renew or set-up your hot lunch account!

The hot lunch program credits from missed hot lunches due to COVID-19 during the March and April 2020 hot lunch schedule, have been rolled over to this 2020/2021 school year. However, parents need to use the same email they used to register their hot lunch account last year in order for the credits to automatically roll over.

Interested in helping out in the hot lunch program? Please contact Joy Chan at [email protected].