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Back in November (Nov 5, 2021), families were sent a unique code to access the 2020-21 yearbook on the FC Yearbook app. We hope you have downloaded the app to view your copy. If you haven't yet viewed it, you're missing out! We've just ordered and received our hard copy of the yearbook and are so impressed with the quality! You also can order a printed hardcover book for $40.50 each also from the app. In case you've forgotten, download the FC YEARBOOK app from the app store. Login information for Apple and Android devices can be found at the link below. Please click the link and read the information given before moving forward.

Keep in mind:

  • Make sure to use a home/personal email, not a school email, to ensure access to yearbooks in future years. 
  • You’ll need to verify your email with a 4-digit code emailed code. Don’t confuse this code with the unique yearbook code we’ve given you. (The school code mainly contains letters whereas the email verification code has numbers only.)
  • Siblings in the yearbook can use the same device and can have their own login to keep their signatures personal.
  • For issues with codes contact from the app. Please do not contact the school since it will be an issue that FC YEARBOOK can help you with, not school staff.
  • Each unique code can be used only once. After that, you’ll need your FC YEARBOOK login username and password to access the yearbook each time you want to view it.
  • Your code for Gaglardi Academy’s yearbook will not work in any other school’s yearbook.