Dear Parents, One of our fundraisers this year is the Thrifty’s Smile Card
Program. We are able to raise up to $2,000 by the end of June. To date, we
have only raised about $745. This is how it works: Pick up your Thrifty’s
card at the office. “Load Up” the card at the till and pay for your
groceries with the card. KEEP YOUR CARD and continue to use for all
groceries at Thrifty’s. Easy! For every $100 you spend, PAC receives $5
from Thrifty’s! A lot of you probably still have your cards but for those
who don’t, please come to the office and get one. Come and get one for your
relatives, friends and neighbours too! It's one more way to get Phase 2 of
our playground going. Let’s give all our kids more play options soon!
Thanks, Jane Montgomery