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This year to honour and celebrate Easter, we asked our students to create Easter cards to give to refugees fleeing from war-torn Ukraine. Our students did, creating wonderful works of art filled with words of hope and encouragement. We gave them to Gitta Phillips who was travelling to Germany in order to help Ukrainian refugees. She was able to give out the cards after Easter Sunday service at the Orthodox Ukrainian Church in Hamburg.

We received the following letter in response:

Dear students at Gaglardi Academy,

Thank you for creating the Easter Cards for the Ukrainian people. It was truly amazing how quickly you responded to let me take them to Germany and give them to those families. Every one of those cards was so beautiful. Heartfelt, kind, and giving hope. You should have seen their faces, when the children and adults received their cards. They smiled and were touched that children so far away thought of them. You are so very special to think of others in need.
God bless you.

Gitta Phillips