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The PAC executive plans to approach fundraising a little differently next year. Our goal is to distribute fundraising events more equitably so it is not the sole responsibility of one parent, but rather to have a single parent “lead" on each individual fundraising event. That lead person (with the help of the PAC exec, if needed) would:

  • recruit assistants
  • distribute order forms to classrooms
  • communicate order deadlines
  • be the point person to communicate with Trisha Dol (our treasurer) regarding payment.

The good news is we have learned a lot during COVID and most, if not all, orders can not be done online.  We may do away with paper orders all together. 

Please sign up by clicking the link below if you would like to lead or assist with one or more of the fundraisers. Contact Kelly Hiller @ if you have any questions.

Fundraising Sign-Up Document