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Hey, fans of traffic systems that work well! It's a new school year and I hope you've remembered that we have an official system in place for safe student drop-off and pick-up, and parking. In order for the system to run smoothly, everyone needs to follow these super important rules. They are as follows:
To drop-off your child ONLY:
  • Enter the Drop-off & Go Zone by the entrance closest to the sidewalk going to the front door.
  • Use the lane closest to the school called the Drop-off and Go Zone.
  • Go as far up the lane as you are able, stop, drop-off and go. 
  • If the car ahead of you is still dropping-off and you want to leave, you may do so using the left lane. Check for oncoming traffic and pedestrians and then turn left into this Thru Traffic lane. 
  • Then you may safely turn left or right onto Noel Ave.

To park and drop off your child ONLY (which you need to do if you have children in grades K-3): park on the street (in the Park & Drop Zone). Then use the sidewalks to walk your child to the school. Do not cross through the Thru Traffic Zone and Drop-off and Go Zone.

At student pick-up, the Drop & Go Zone becomes the Pick-up & Go Zone. If you are in this zone, please stay with your vehicle so that you don't inconvenience drivers who have already picked up and want to go. If you want to enter the school to get your child, you must park on the street, please and thank you.
The above photo is a handy-dandy diagram of the system just so you can see what I'm talking about. Oh, and one final thing: we are looking for volunteers to help supervise the traffic system during student drop off and pick up times. If you are interested in taking charge and bossing people around (ha ha, just kidding), please contact Mrs Bomske at