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It’s Hide it in your Heart week from May 25-29 where students memorize and recite large blocks of Scripture for an award at the end of the school year. Plus it's just a great discipline to cultivate.

Other than the K to 5 grades, the student must recite the full list of required passages sometime between May 25-29 to be eligible for an award. Grades K to 5 may recite a full passage at a time to their teacher (and complete all passages by the end of May) to be eligible for an award. Awards will be presented at the Academy Awards night in June.

The list of Bible passages for memorization this year are:  Isaiah 53, Deut 28:1-14, Galatians 5:13-26, Ephesians 6:10-20
Additional Verses: Psalm 27: 13-14, Psalm 34: 8-14, 86:11-13


  1. Students must recite all five passages in one sitting (grades 6-12)
  2. No notes or other aids are permitted.
  3. The listener may provide up to three prompts per passage.
    • a prompt consists of providing the next 3 or 4 words to a student if and when they get stuck and request help.
    • a prompt does not consist of nodding, or saying “yes”, or “you are correct, keep going”. The listener can give as many of these as needed!
  4. Listeners will record prompts on a master sheet to ensure fairness.
  5. A student may only make one attempt per day but may make an attempt each day of the week until they have correctly recited the passages or the week runs out.
  6. Students are given up to 30 minutes MAXIMUM to recite the passages.
  7. All passages must be learned and recited using the NIV Bible or other translation (student to provide the bible). Only literal or dynamic equivalents will be allowed. No paraphrases, please.
  8. Smile, this is God’s Word they are hiding in their hearts!