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Winter Fun Day for students in grades 8-12 will take place on Tuesday, February 2. It is a non-uniform day for students, and the school will provide a pizza lunch. The morning will consist of a variety of activities for students to choose from: a hike with Mrs. Keenan; gym games with Mr. McKague; and an arts and crafts room with Mrs. Davidsen. There will be a movies room, a room for students to play board/card games, and a study room for those who want to just get caught up on course work! After lunch, Mr. Smith and the interns have planned some fun activities, and the students will be given early dismissal at 1:45.


Some students may still want to experience a day of skiing or snowboarding, and the school would like to give them the freedom to pursue this. If you choose this option for your child, please know that there will be no staff supervision on the mountain, and it is the responsibility of parents to pay for all costs associated with this, as well as to arrange transportation. Students who go up the mountain will be given a "School-excused absence" designation.

Students who do not travel up the mountain are expected to be in school.