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Hold onto your hairbrushes, because it's time to unleash the mane madness!

Date: November 24th, 2023 

Get ready to turn heads and make hair-story with your outrageous styles. It's Crazy Hair Day, and we're taking "bad hair day" to a whole new level!

Whether it's colorful braids, towering top hats, or even a miniature garden growing on your head, let your imagination run wilder than your hair!

Expect laughter, astonishment, and a few double takes as you navigate through the day with your gravity-defying locks. Just watch out for low-hanging doorways and chandeliers!

Remember, the crazier, the better. And don't worry, it's all in good fun! Let's see who can rock the wackiest hair at PJGA on November 24th.

Stay tuned for some hair-raising surprises and an epic hair showdown. Get ready to have a follicularly fantastic time! #CrazyHairDay #ManeMadness #BadHairDay #HairArtistry #PJGA