Hello Gaglardi Families,

First and foremost, I would like to extend a huge note of thanks to all those who contributed to this year's Operation Shoebox! Your generous gifts and prayers helped to fill 89 shoeboxes for children in third world countries. Wow!

Each year I choose students to help me stack and sort the shoeboxes over recess and lunch. This year I was struck by their conversations while hard at work. Listening to our Gaglardi students discuss how they wanted to pack each box so that the child receiving it would be overjoyed, was a blessing beyond words. Every single student helper showed true Christmas spirit in their desire to bless others. What a rich opportunity we have to participate in an event that brings such light into our world. I only wish that I could accommodate more students that wanted to help out each day. The list was long and the kids were eager!

On that note, should you still wish to contribute to the fundraiser, it's not too late! Shipping fees for our 89 boxes were a further $440.40 over and above what we were able to raise. Anyone wanting to help reduce this cost to our school may call or drop by the office with their donation.

Once again, Gaglardi families, thank you for continuing to support our Operation Shoebox efforts each year. May you experience the abundant joy and wonder of this Christmas season!

Tina Jones

UPDATE (Nov 27, 10:30 am): all shipping costs have been covered by donations from our generous families. Thank you!