Well, we hoped that the road work would be finished by now but it is STILL happening with our road closed from Pritchard to Nimpkish! So the first week of school, you'll want to leave at least 10-15 minutes earlier than usual since you'll need to take a detour. I know, I know, it's a real drag but there's nothing to be done but smile and say, "Gee, I get to see another part of Comox. Lucky me!"
Fortunately for you, we've mapped out some alternate routes since we like you so much and your sanity is important. You're welcome. Here are our suggestions:
  • When coming from Courtenay using the Dike Road, turn left on Anderton then right on Noel as usual, but then turn right on Pritchard (from Noel) left on Dogwood, left on Quarry, and left on Noel again to school.
  • When coming from East Courtenay on Guthrie turn right on Anderton, left on Noel and follow directions above.
  • When coming from the base there are two ways: 1) turn right on Knight Road going away from the airport, left on Anderton, left on Noel then follow the directions above, or 2) exit the traffic circle onto Knight going toward Point Holmes, keep on that road then turn right on Guthrie, left on Noel to the school.
The pickup and drop-off lot is open as usual and the staff will continue to park in the upper lot. The construction crews are expecting you to park along Noel so feel free to do so BUT make sure you aren't blocking driveways, please and thank you. The construction phase of this project should be completed by the end of the first week of school and we're earnestly hoping it will be.
Please keep in mind that all these routes will be used by other parents with school-aged children trying to get to school next week. At these times, it's important to stay positive, and if repeating under your breath, "It's only for one week" helps, well, you go for it. Prayer during these times of trial is also very helpful, even more so if you want my personal opinion.
Keep your chin up. We're all in this together.