We seem to be having a few difficulties with traffic flow in the front of the school so let's talk about student drop-off and pickup. Believe it or not, we have a system so if you're new or if you've forgotten the system, please read below so you can be informed. Why? 'Cause it's super important since it's all about safety. Here's how the system works:

To drop-off your child ONLY, please do the following:

  • enter what used to be the staff parking lot (the paved lot in front of the school). 
  • Use the lane closest to the school which we call the "Drop-off and Go Zone."
  • Go as far up the lane as you are able, stop, drop-off and go. 
  • If the car ahead of you is still dropping-off and you want to leave, you may do so using the left lane. Check for oncoming traffic plus pedestrians and then turn left into the "Thru Traffic" lane. 
  • Finally, you may turn right safely onto Noel. No more U-turns necessary. Hip, hip, hooray! (PS. after the roadwork is completed, you'll be able to turn left onto Noel as well. Nice.) 

To park and drop-off your child, be sure to park on the street in the Park & Drop Zone. Then use sidewalks to walk your child into the school. Do not cross in the Thru Traffic and Drop-off and Go zones. These areas are very busy at drop-off and pick-up times and we don't want any accidents to happen.

Because it's helpful, I've included this handy-dandy diagram of the system. See below.